A quick and dirty bash/xsl combination to allow you to watch changes in Redmine, Hudson and Review Board via Growl; this should work with any local RSS/ATOM feed.

  • Download the bash script here and save it to a convenient location.
  • Get the command line growlnotify here: http://growl.info/extras.php.
  • Edit the simple_rss.conf file:

    1,redmine.png,atom.xsl,,http://redmine/… 2,hudson.png,atom.xsl,,http://hudson/rssLatest 3,review-board-logo.png,rss.xsl,,http://reviewboard/feeds/rss/users/

  • The first values (1,2,3) is a unique identifier the script uses for storing history, you can use anything you like.
  • The second value, is the image you want growl to display with the message.
  • The third entry is for the XSL to use, this depends on the format of the feed, the options are atom.xsl and rss.xsl.
  • Lastly, the URL of the RSS/Atom feed.
  • Hudson, this is always http://<hudson url>/rssLatest.
  • Review Board, this will be http://<review board url>/feeds/rss/users/.
  • Redmine, this is very configurable you can get RSS feeds for project, open items etc.

  • Next, you want to add an entry to crontab to run the shell script at the intervals you like.

That should be it.