This blog is mainly for me, a way of remembering things I've done; when I couldn't find an answer on Google, I wrote about it here. Hopefully, other people may find it helpful too. / apple
Access your Bonjour printer over VPN from your iOS device

Bonjour automatically locates devices such as printers, other computers, and the services that those devices offer on a local network - but only on a local network. If you need to access a device that requires Bonjour for discovery, and you are not on the same network, Bonjour needs a little help.

Add latitude and longitude coordinates to iPhone contacts

Apple maps address searches are not great outside the US; most of the addresses I have in my contacts don’t work or are not accurate.

Quickly Access settings on your Mac
Handy Tip: If you hold down the option key, while pressing a function key, the relevant Settings panel will appear. For instance if you hold option and press the volume function key, the Sounds setting will appear, if you hold option while pressing the Brightness function key, the Display settings will appear.
Advanced scheduling of Mac OS Wake and Sleep Time

Mac OS has a settings panel that allows you to schedule the Wake, Sleep and Shutdown time for your Mac, but there is only one schedule allowed; e.g everyday, or every Friday, or every weekend, and so on. I wanted a different wake and shutdown time for the weekend and weekdays. This is possible using cron, and the command line tool pmset.

Get to the Apple Menu with keyboard shortcuts
To get to the menu bar on a Mac, press Ctrl-F2 (Ctrl-Fn-F2 on a laptop) from there you can use the arrow keys and letter keys to open menus.