The aim of this article to set up and configure a Meross Wi-Fi switch (I’m using an MSS310) with OpenHab2 to work in offline mode — with MQTT and no dependency on the Meross online services.

I gathered most, almost all, of the information required from this thread on github Offline-ONLY support.

For this article, you need to be comfortable with the command line, and have git and node.js installed; you should already have an OpenHab2 setup.

Configure an MQTT server

There are many articles online showing how to configure MQTT and OpenHab2, I recommend

  • or

However, one more step is required; the Meross switch requires a secure MQTT server. I followed this guide:


Configure the Meross switch for your Wi-Fi and MQTT server

Get the meross tools, from your command line

git clone
cd Meross/bin/src
npm i

Plugin your Wi-Fi switch.

If it’s not your first time using the switch, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. Connect to its Wi-Fi access point (Meross_XXX)

Configure the switch for your Wi-Fi and MQTT Server

from Meross/bin/src directory

./meross setup --gateway --wifi-ssid <your-ssid> --wifi-pass <your-pass> --mqtt <mqtt-host-ip>:8883

At this stage, you may hear some clicks from the switch. You can also verify that it has connected using the mosquito logs:

1595295630: New client connected from

You should also see some messages from the new switch:

/appliance/1712281825467829030134298f151c4a/publish {"header":{"messageId":"7c2834f83f9cc5b1c7ae1049280a9f3f","namespace":"Appliance.Control.ToggleX","method":"PUSH","payloadVersion":1,"from":"/appliance/1712281825467829030134298f151c4a/publish","timestamp":1557534775,"timestampMs":955,"sign":"f07e2a7ab622997508d359cb89c74038"},"payload":{"togglex":{"channel":1,"onoff":1,"lmTime":1557534775}}}

Note the appliance ID in bold above.

On my Mac, I also used MQTT Explorer to view the messages and to determine the appliance id.

Add the switch to Openhab

Add a new thing.

  • Using the Paper UI as a new thing.
    • Inbox / “+” on the top of the screen.
    • Select MQTT Binding.
    • Manually Add Thing
    • Select Generic MQTT Thing
    • Give your thing a name, and select your MQTT bridge (configured from step 1).
  • Add a Channel
    • On/Off Switch
    • The settings are as follows:
      • MQTT State Topic: /appliance/<appliance_id>/publish
      • MQTT Command Topic: /appliance/<appliance_id>/subscribe
      • Custom On/Open Value: 1
      • Custom Off/Closed Value: 0
      • Incoming Value Transformations: JSONPATH:$.payload.togglex..onoff
      • Outgoing Value Transformation: JS:meross.js

Finally, download the following file, meross.js and save it to your transform directory, for me this is /etc/openhab2/transform/.

The meross.js file creates the JSON structure required to control the switch.

Config Screenshot

Select the new channel, and link it to an exsiting or new item.