This blog is mainly for me, a way of remembering things I've done; when I couldn't find an answer on Google, I wrote about it here. Hopefully, other people may find it helpful too.
Meross MSS210 with a custom MQTT Server

The aim of this article to set up a custom MQTT server for a Meross MSS210.

Using a Meross Wi-Fi switch with OpenHab2

The aim of this article to set up and configure a Meross Wi-Fi switch (I’m using an MSS310) with OpenHab2 to work in offline mode — with MQTT and no dependency on the Meross online services.

Example Oracle Data Modeler Extension

Data Modeler, along with SQL Developer and JDeveloper, has a powerful extension SDK; this allows bespoke extensions to be developed. These extension can modify workflows and access/update the internal data models of the application.

Oracle Data Modeler Get Logical DataType Usage

Shows the usage of Logical DataTypes within Oracle Data Modeler:

Oracle Data Modeler CSV Transformation Script

Exports a subiew in a logical model to a CSV file.

Access your Bonjour printer over VPN from your iOS device

Bonjour automatically locates devices such as printers, other computers, and the services that those devices offer on a local network - but only on a local network. If you need to access a device that requires Bonjour for discovery, and you are not on the same network, Bonjour needs a little help.

Change all data types in logical models from domain to logical

Data Modeler transformation script to change all data types in logical models from domain to logical.

Oracle Data Modeler Transformation Framework

Data Modeler has a powerful javascript engine to programatically view and change items within the model. Below is a simple framework for processing the logical model.

Oracle Data Modeler Transformation Script to get Logical Type by Name

If you ever needed to change the logical data types via a transformation script, you’ll need to get the type by name. The lines below will get the logical type and place it in a variable for reuse.

Finding classes and methods in jar

Recursively list every class in every jar: