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Example Oracle Data Modeler Extension

Data Modeler, along with SQL Developer and JDeveloper, has a powerful extension SDK; this allows bespoke extensions to be developed. These extension can modify workflows and access/update the internal data models of the application.

Oracle Data Modeler Get Logical DataType Usage

Shows the usage of Logical DataTypes within Oracle Data Modeler:

Oracle Data Modeler CSV Transformation Script

Exports a subiew in a logical model to a CSV file.

Change all data types in logical models from domain to logical

Data Modeler transformation script to change all data types in logical models from domain to logical.

Oracle Data Modeler Transformation Framework

Data Modeler has a powerful javascript engine to programatically view and change items within the model. Below is a simple framework for processing the logical model.

Oracle Data Modeler Transformation Script to get Logical Type by Name

If you ever needed to change the logical data types via a transformation script, you’ll need to get the type by name. The lines below will get the logical type and place it in a variable for reuse.

Finding classes and methods in jar

Recursively list every class in every jar:

Happens-Before relationship in Java

The Happens-Before relationship is rarely properly understood, but is a vital part to parallel, or multi-threaded, programming. It explains the “how could that happen” problem that can happen with multiple running threads.

Monitor Redmine, Hudson and Review Board with Growl

A quick and dirty bash/xsl combination to allow you to watch changes in Redmine, Hudson and Review Board via Growl; this should work with any local RSS/ATOM feed.

XSL to re-number sequences

Say you have an XML file, some of the elementa have attributes with sequence numbers, and you want to re-number them all consecutively, try this XSL: