This blog is mainly for me, a way of remembering things I've done; when I couldn't find an answer on Google, I wrote about it here. Hopefully, other people may find it helpful too.
Change Meeting Notification Time in Outlook

Below is some sample code to automatically change the notification time of a meeting - this will overwrite what the sender has set.

Auto Reject Meeting Request in Outlook

Below is some sample code to automatically reject Outlook Meetings requests at certain times.

Happens-Before relationship in Java

The Happens-Before relationship is rarely properly understood, but is a vital part to parallel, or multi-threaded, programming. It explains the “how could that happen” problem that can happen with multiple running threads.

Add latitude and longitude coordinates to iPhone contacts

Apple maps address searches are not great outside the US; most of the addresses I have in my contacts don’t work or are not accurate.

Quickly Access settings on your Mac
Handy Tip: If you hold down the option key, while pressing a function key, the relevant Settings panel will appear. For instance if you hold option and press the volume function key, the Sounds setting will appear, if you hold option while pressing the Brightness function key, the Display settings will appear.
Direct Download link from Google Drive

Sharing files with Google Drive can be very convenient

Monitor Redmine, Hudson and Review Board with Growl

A quick and dirty bash/xsl combination to allow you to watch changes in Redmine, Hudson and Review Board via Growl; this should work with any local RSS/ATOM feed.

Advanced scheduling of Mac OS Wake and Sleep Time

Mac OS has a settings panel that allows you to schedule the Wake, Sleep and Shutdown time for your Mac, but there is only one schedule allowed; e.g everyday, or every Friday, or every weekend, and so on. I wanted a different wake and shutdown time for the weekend and weekdays. This is possible using cron, and the command line tool pmset.

XSL to re-number sequences

Say you have an XML file, some of the elementa have attributes with sequence numbers, and you want to re-number them all consecutively, try this XSL:

WSDL or XSD Documenter

Some time ago I needed to produce some documentation describing existing soap webservices. I looked into other tools that already do this, but none of them produced the output in a format that suited me, also the schema for the webservice has literally hundreds of options that were rarely or never used, or were never or no longer supported. I thought that using the existing tools would make the reader even more confused.